Hogan Leadership Assessment

My Hogan Leadership Assessment. The results are accurate for my professional style, engagement, and personal motives.

Working and Learning Style

Ms. Gentle tends to be reflective and self-critical. As a result, she is usually vigilant regarding mistakes. Responsive to feedback, she works in bursts of energy.

She is receptive to new ideas and values finding better ways of doing things. This is particularly important in jobs that require creativity, problem solving, strategic planning, and leadership.

Social Interests

Ms. Gentle enjoys assisting and developing others. She helps others because it is the right thing to do. She also thinks it is important to pay attention to morale, communicate regularly, ask for feedback, and encourage and support the efforts of others.

Decision Making Style

Ms. Gentle cares a good deal about appearance and makes decisions based on style, taste, and image. She is an advocate for quality. She seems to enjoy solving problems, analyzing issues, and understanding what is going on in the world.

She is comfortable with technology, and dislikes making decisions without being able to examine the relevant background information—her preference is to make decisions based on data rather than intuition.

Entrepreneurial Values

Ms. Gentle has a reasonable attitude toward risk-taking versus risk-avoidance; she will take a chance when the payoff seems to warrant it, but avoids risk for its own sake. She values safety but understands that little in life is perfectly safe.

Interpersonal Skill

Independent and self-reliant, Ms. Gentle is unafraid of confrontations. She does not mind taking unpopular positions, enforcing rules, or holding others accountable. These characteristics are useful for work involving quality control, maintaining standards of performance, and dealing with difficult people.

She will be comfortable using new and/or non-standard procedures to solve problems, and is willing to challenge rules and take risks. These characteristics are important for jobs in fast-paced environments with changing priorities.

Ms. Gentle seems to prefer a balance between change and diversity on the one hand, and stability and uniformity on the other. She is neither liberal nor conservative in management style; she seems to have a natural preference for moderation and compromise. She values the lessons of the past, but is willing to experiment for the future.

Achievement Motivation

Although she respects traditional business manners and practices, she is also willing to change with the times. She doesn’t seem interested in competition or challenges for their own sake, and doesn’t need to dramatize her achievements.


Ms. Gentle’s strengths—she is independent, socially skilled, and able to say “no” diplomatically. She makes few demands of others, except to be left alone to do her work in her own way. She sees more incompetence in the world than others do, dislikes making mistakes, and is good at minimizing them.