Laura is a creative writer and content consultant.

SEO copywriter and editor providing content solutions for agencies, B2B, B2C, and individuals. Specializes in content strategy, digital marketing, ghostwriting and resume optimization.

“She’s smart, feisty and someone I would be proud to have on my team.”

— Steven Igarashi-Ball, Equity & Engagement Director


Writing & Editing

Copy, Technical, Creative, Resumes


Optimization & SEO

Marketing, Blogs, Resumes, LinkedIn


UX & AI Testing

Apps, AI Assistants, NLP Validation


Content Consulting

Websites, Blogs, Profiles, Creative Projects

“Laura taught me that the uncomfortable is a time of growth and can be a time of rebranding as well.”

— Jeremiah Robertson, Project Manager

“Laura is open-minded, curious, and imaginative. She understands the big picture, thinks quickly on her feet, and solves problems using design, invention, and change.”

— Kristi Turner, Advertising Executive

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